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If you are looking for a local contractor near you that you can rely on, you have come to the right place. English Home Improvements (Nashville, TN and surrounding TN Counties) is the best roofing company in TN but also does full kitchen remodels, including lighting, flooring, cabinets, countertops, tile work, and painting. English Home Improvements (Nashville, TN and surrounding TN Counties) completes full bath remodels, including flooring, tubs, tub surrounds, vanities, sinks, tile, lighting, and paint (see a post about it here). English Home Improvements (Nashville, TN and surrounding TN Counties) offers complete basement remodeling and basement finishing, including framing, drywall, electrical, plumbing, flooring, painting and lighting. English Home Improvements (Nashville, TN and surrounding TN Counties) can help you extend your outdoor living space and update your home's exterior by adding decks, front porches, back porches, patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, garages, pole barns, as well as other outdoor structures (see a post about it here). English Home Improvements (Nashville, TN and surrounding TN Counties) also performs many other projects such as installing doors and windows, painting, custom trim work, hardwood flooring, Carpeting, tile flooring, tile back-splashes, granite, tongue and groove, metal work, decks, sun rooms, room additions and screened in porches. If you need it done to your property, we do it!

    • Additions

      Room Additions

      Room additions are a great solution for providing additional living space to your home, if your family is growing, or is expecting to grow. Room addition costs are also comparatively low compared to selling your existing home and moving to a new and larger home. Room additions, versus buying existing larger homes, also offer the opportunity to be creative and to customize future living space. For example, you can elect to add a family room addition or bedroom, bump out your kitchen, or even build a garage addition with overhead living space. Remodeling a room is more complicated than building a small home. Room additions can be plain and simple or exceptionally extravagant. We have taken care of small room additions as well as large room additions. With English Home Improvements stress-free room addition construction process every project is hassle-free and includes you in the process. Your ideas and preferences help with the enhancement of the room addition design, materials selection, and floor plan. We can help with choosing the most economical, practical, and yet aesthetically pleasing solution while incorporating your ideas with our expertise to make your dream remodeling project come true.
    • enclosures

      Patio Enclosures

      Patio Enclosures are significantly more cost effective, easier to install, and cause less mess than construction of ordinary room additions; not to mention take much less time to construct. You’ll save money on heating and cooling costs and get to enjoy outdoor living indoors all year long in your spectacular Patio Enclosure.
    • sunrooms

      Sun Rooms

      Sunrooms are much more than just room additions; sunrooms provide a sanctuary for you and your family and are designed to enhance your lifestyle. The combination of natural light and comfort ensures that a sunroom is the most used room in your home.
    • enclosures


      English Home Improvements has been working with residential and commercial customers to achieve total satisfaction for their roofing needs thanks to high quality workmanship and an unparalleled level of ingenuity. Your roof is one of the most important components to your home when it comes to structural stability and protection from the elements! Keep that peace of mind! Call us today! Storm Damages When high winds, heavy rains, hail and other severe weather conditions damage your homes roof, siding, gutters or skylights, it can be difficult to deal with to say the least. From cleaning up the garbage and debris to dealing with insurance claims and adjusters, storm damages can be a huge headache. Let English Home Improvements assist you we can quickly and efficiently resolve your storm damages so you can get back to your life again. With our quick service and experienced crew and staff, English Home Improvements will remedy your storm damages as quickly and affordably as possible. Insurance Claims When storm damages need to be repaired quickly, it can be tough to get the ball rolling when insurance claims take forever to complete. At English Home Improvements, we can help make sure you’re insurance claims are well taken care of so you can get back to the more important things in life. Voted a Top 3 Contractor, we have the accreditation and experience to deal with your insurance company—so you don’t have to. Call English Home Improvements today at (615) 746-0990 for a free quote and let us take the hassle out of making an insurance claim.
    • windows


      New windows can be one of your homes most attractive features. New windows can provide you with convenient ventilation, ease of use, superior natural light, and cleaning convenience not found in older windows. If you have a older home, or inefficient windows you could be throwing up 30% of your heating and cooling dollars out the window! Literally! There are many different types and styles of replacement windows. Listed here are a few of the windows offered by English Home Improvements: Arched Windows - can add something unusual to your home. Not only are these windows unique, but they add a certain level of sophistication to the home. Awning Windows - These are hinged on the top side and open outward and upward. These are often considered traditional and associated with older, historic homes, even though they are regularly used in modern homes (especially above doors for ventilation.) Awning windows are often described as the perfect window to keep out the rain, while allowing in the fresh air. Bay Windows - This type of window is such a common part of our lives that we often forget what an impact they have on our living environment. Bay windows not only provide natural light and frame our view of the world but also characterize the overall style of a home, providing a sense of balance and scale. You can give the exterior of your home added dimension, gain more light, and dramatically enhance your vistas by replacing conventional flat panes of glass with an elegant bay window. A bay window is actually three windows joined to make a single large unit that projects outward from a room and from the house, forming a bay. The wide center window is bordered by narrower casement or double-hung windows. Two vertical uprights, known as mullion posts, separate the three. Casement Windows - have long been a favorite among homeowners. They are beautiful windows and can really transform a home. They're also easy to maintain, which certainly adds to their popularity. Anything that cuts down on time and effort is a good thing! Casement windows are an excellent choice for those who want good ventilation, because they open wide and the angled window catches the air and draws it inside. For fresh air lovers, casement windows are an easy decision. Double Hung Windows - Double hung windows might be the most common type of replacement window and is so named because it has an upper and lower sash. One or both sashes can be moved up and down on double-hung window replacements. Thermal Windows - Thermal windows are always double- or triple-paned. Thermal replacement windows allow far less heat to escape your home in the winter and less heat to get in during the summer, lowering your fuel bills considerably. Most thermal windows also eliminate the need for painting. Single-Hung vs Double-Hung Windows - Both single and double hung windows were traditional window styles that can still be found in their original form in many pre-1960 homes. Today, many window manufacturers have updated the basic features of single and double hung windows to create energy saving, low-e, double-paned windows in a variety of styles and materials.
    • Basement Finishing and Remodeling

      Basement Finishing and Remodeling

      If you are planning on remodeling your home, the basement should be the first place to look! The return on investment can be huge, the additional space is available much sooner and an existing part of your home is turned from storage into real living space — truly from basement to beautiful!
    • windows


      Properly insulating your home will not only help reduce your heating and cooling costs but also make your home more comfortable. Insulation results can be gained anywhere from your basement, to your living space, to your roof, and will give your comfort while saving you money!
    • windows

      Interior Trim & Molding

      Decorative wood trim adds warmth and depth to any room in your house. Let us provide inspiration for wall, ceiling, door, window, stairway, and built-in trim for every room. Adding crown molding to a room is easy and can make a room pop with a dramatic look. Architectural elements such as crown molding are the most striking finishing touches you can add to your home. The right wood trim will add the final touch that provides the rich look of elegance in your home or construction project. Crown molding and interior trim create distinct architectural details that will add character to any room.
    • rennovation

      Full Renovation

      The process of Whole House Renovation can be mind-bending. Just when you've decided to refinish the floors before painting the walls--you realize it makes more sense to do walls before floors. Or is it the other way around? English Home Improvements takes the confusion out of your Whole House Renovations. Give us a call for your free estimate!
    • windows


      Installing seamless siding on your home will generate dollar savings in energy costs, reduce outside noise, virtually eliminate exterior maintenance, and increase your homes' resale value. Surveys show that 95 to 100 percent of steel siding costs are recovered when the home is sold! There are many styles of siding ranging from
    • kitchen


      Kitchen remodeling is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home and make this common gathering place more functional, efficient and beautiful. Though kitchen remodeling can carry a large price tag, it is more useful to think about the new design as an investment rather than just a cost. The cost of remodeling your kitchen can vary according to a number of different factors. From the size of the kitchen to the complexity of the job and the particulars of your design choice, the cost of the kitchen remodeling project is an area that must be considered carefully. The kitchen has become more than a place to prepare meals. For many people, it is the heart of the home, a central living area for family and friends. “While home sizes have shrunk, relative kitchen sizes have increased,” notes Brian Wellnitz, marketing manager, kitchen ventilation, at Broan-NuTone. “This goes along with the trend that consumers are doing more in their kitchens besides cooking. The need for integrating function, style and entertainment is a new critical direction for the kitchen.” “People are in their kitchens more,” agrees Travis Rotelli, a Kohler Co. interior designer. “Many floor plans now make the kitchen part of the relaxing space, connected to the family room and dining room. It’s an area where people can gather. Sometimes in remodeling, walls are removed to open up the kitchen and make it a more inviting space.” “People seem to be shying away from the overly traditional and leaning toward a more transitional look that will age well with the home,” notes Merillat Designer Kristin Stanton. Sleek and contemporary styles are also still popular.
    • trends

      Color & Style trends in the Kitchen

      Homeowners are looking for warmer neutral colors in the kitchen. Two-tone kitchens are a current popular trend, perhaps with an island in a contrasting shade from the cabinets for an interesting focal point. When it comes to wood species, Cherry and Maple are the two most requested, with Oak and other busy wood grains less popular than more uniform, wavy grains. People still like the look of wood, they just want it toned down a bit. Staggering the heights of cabinets also adds a bit of flare without adding much to the budget. “Trends we are seeing involve use of polished materials, stainless steel and a continuation of the use of glass in designs,” says Wellnitz. “Stainless steel still remains the dominant high-end finish, while painted black seems to be increasing in popularity.” While timeless in design, apron front kitchen sinks, available in both enameled cast iron and stainless are a hot design trend.The Green Kitchen Environmental concerns continue to influence kitchen trends. “Energy Star qualified products are becoming more the norm,” Wellnitz says. “Consumers are willing to pay for Energy Star products as long as they can understand how the product will impact their savings.” Homeowners are also opting for products to help them support sustainability like pull-out dual wastebaskets for recycling. The California Green (CALGreen) Building Code recently mandated a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute for residential kitchen faucets. This type of regulation is migrating to other parts of the nation, including Tennessee and Kentucky. State and local governments everywhere are increasingly focused on conserving water and energy. Planning Your Kitchen In designing the kitchen, remodelers should coordinate all of its elements visually while considering how they will be used. The style and finish of appliances, cabinets, sinks and faucets should complement each other. It is desirable to select products made of premium materials with excellent fit and finish and long-term warranties. English Home Improvements encourages their customers to design your kitchen to fit your needs! Make it something you will be happy with, a place where you will enjoy hanging out. English Home Improvements will work with homeowners to design a kitchen to suite you Although glass remains a niche material for kitchen countertops, it’s been recently used by more than half of kitchen designers as a backsplash material, rising from 41 percent a year ago to 52 percent now. This trails only natural stone tile at 60 percent and ceramic tile (including porcelain), which has been specified of late by some 74 percent of designers. Even at that high rate, ceramic tile back-splashes are on the decline, as they stood at 78 percent a year ago and 88 percent two years ago. Other popular backsplash materials are granite at 30 percent and quartz at 20 percent. The popularity of these materials as backsplashes is due to their high use as countertop materials. Finishing off a granite or quartz countertop with a matching backsplash is quite common; however, the same doesn’t hold true for solid surfaces. While these materials are very popular for countertops, they’re seldom used for backsplashes, as they’re specified by just 11 percent of designers. LED lighting  Energy-efficiency is clearly not a fad, but a real trend that can be seen taking hold in homes across the United States and Canada. Despite the higher initial cost, light-emitting diode, or LED, lighting is proof of this trend. Specified by 50 percent of NKBA member kitchen designers entering 2010, that rate increased to 54 percent the following year and has jumped over the past year to 70 percent. However, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) aren’t sharing in this trend. Although they use roughly a quarter the energy of an incandescent bulb when producing the same amount of light, measured in lumens, the poor color of the light they produce and the presence of mercury in these bulbs are keeping them out of newly remodeled kitchens, falling from 36 percent last year to 26 percent today. Older incandescent bulbs stand at just 42 percent, a figure we expect to fall next year due in part to the U.S. ban on newly produced 100-watt incandescent bulbs that went into effect on Jan. 1. A ban on 75-watt incandescent bulbs went into effect on Jan. 1, 2013, followed by 60- and 40-watt incandescent bulbs on Jan. 1, 2014. Pull-out faucets

  • bathrooms


    There are many reasons to consider a bathroom remodeling project. For each homeowner the reasons may vary. The homeowner of today wants more from a bathroom. In addition to just being functional, homeowners are looking to make their bathroom a soothing environment where they can relax after the business of the day. Bathrooms have gained an important status within the household, and instead of just being a functional room they are now as interesting and decorative as the other rooms within a household.
  • cabinets


    Are your cabinets out of date? We offer cabinet removal and replacement. Just the cabinets alone can enhance your kitchen more than you can imagine.
  • Exterior Doors

    Exterior Doors

    English Home Improvements is your source for Doors, Windows and Millwork. Choose from a wide selection of Exterior doors, Entry doors, Storm Doors, Patio Doors, French Doors, Screen Doors and Door Systems manufactured using Fiberglass, Steel, Glass Panels or Wood. Have you considered incorporating Glass into your Exterior Doors? Glass panels allow the light to come inside but not the heat or cold! Glass Doors can transform your Entry Way! Or maybe beautiful wood doors? How about a carefree Fiberglass door painted or stained to your desired color? English Home Improvements has an extensive line of decorative entry door systems in hundreds of variations. According to " Most doors perform very well, so appearance and price will often be the deciding factor."
  • Interior Doors

    Interior Doors

    Interior doors are a focal point for your home’s décor, so choosing finely crafted interior doors should be a priority. At EHI, we sell quality interior doors in a broad range of styles, enabling you to achieve the look for your home that you are envisioning. Interior doors can be made from numerous materials to suit the tastes and needs of virtually any homeowner. You may prefer a solid wood door, Interior MDF (medium density fiberboard) door, or even hollow core doors. Interior doors have countless different panel configurations such as six panels and arched panels. Your Interior door choices also include Factory Finished or Unfinished . You can count on English Home Improvements for supsuperior products, customer service, selection, expert advice, and much more. Please call or e-mail our office for more information about Interior doors, and we’ll be happy to assist you!
  • Remodeling


    No more popcorn ceilings!
  • Interior Doors




  • fencing


  • fireplaces


  • masonry


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