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Rock Down to Electric Avenue

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We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue … English Home Improvements is rockin’ Electric Avenue (in Nashville 37206)  with a great addition that even Eddy Grant would be happy to have.   Apologies to those who don’t remember the song from the 80’s that was just referred to.  Anyway…..

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6 Ways to Prepare your Entry Way for Halloween

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6 Ways to Prepare your Entry Way for Halloween

Halloween is almost here, Trick-or-Treaters will soon be at your door in their adorable, hopefully not too scary, costumes.  They will have their hands out for some goodies.  While this all sounds good, things could get scary, very scary, really quick.  Things can and do change in a moment.  Instead of handing them chocolates and candy corn, you may be handing them a check.  It is a particularly chilling fact that Halloween remains a favorite holiday for Personal Injury Lawyers (no offense to our many clients and friends who make a legitimate living in this occupation!)  Here are 7 things you can do to avoid being caught up in a nasty web of a lawsuit or being responsible for a child being accidentally  injured.

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Pick a Side-ing

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You KNOW you have seen moldy siding like this!  It is one of the unfortunate issues common with Vinyl Siding.  If you currently have this type of siding, you will want to power wash it before the mold and mildew build up to this degree.  Another option is to opt to replace it with the lower maintenance  Hardy Board....

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Your Shower Wants to Find it's Niche

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Shower Remodels are experiencing a moment right now.  It is as if they have found their niche.  That may lead one to wonder just exactly what is a niche?  Well, here is what the Thesaurus says:  niche


1 a niche in the wall: recess, alcove, nook, cranny, hollow, bay, cavity, cubbyhole, pigeonhole.

2 he found his niche in life: ideal position, place, function, vocation, calling, métier, job. 


English Home Improvements is doing a record number of shower remodels lately which would lead one to believe that we have found our niche as well.  And guess what almost every new tile shower has included?  You got it!  At least one

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New White House Pole Barn

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You heard right, there is a new White House Pole Barn going up.  Yep, English Home Improvements is constructing a new Pole Barn in White House, Tennessee 37188.  It is going to be very, very good.  In fact, It is going to be great!  It is being built to last a long, long time.  Lots and lots of political seasons will come and go in this Pole Barns life span.

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