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5 Things to Think About When Choosing Tile

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You are familiar with the phrase “Everything old is new again.”  This is true when it comes to Tile, but today’s tile is not the same as it was even a few years ago.  No more having to decide which color of square tile and which size of square tile you would like to look at for the next umpteen years.  English Home Improvements is excited that tile now comes in an endless variety of textures, colors and patterns on both the surface and the edges.  Our Tennessee home owners have a myriad of choices from rustic or Tuscan Country to traditional or super sleek and modern.  Your tile can look like hardwood flooring or intricate fabric and textiles or even like natural stone.  If you want lots of colors and patterns there are tiles that are reminiscent of old Mexico or Italy or Portugal available for everywhere from backsplashes to counter tops to floors or as an accent on walls.  If you like super urban contemporary there are tiles with rectified edges (think zero grout lines!) and modern patterns that will make you feel like you are in a New York City Penthouse!  Seriously, if you have not considered tile lately as a contender for your flooring, shower or kitchen surface needs, you should take a fresh look.  Not only has the look of tile changed dramatically, but so have the materials used to install it.

Even though rectified edges allow modern tile to be installed with zero (1.8 - 1/16”) grout lines, there is still grout.  As any home owner who has had tile before knows, grout tends to be difficult to maintain.  Grout can be a great host for molds and mildew.  There are a variety of methods to clean grout and even seal grout, but once the battle against mold and mildew has been lost, there is nothing that can be done to save it.  That is just how it was and home improvement companies have removed and replaced countless floors, countertops and showers because of old grout that couldn’t be maintained.  Thankfully, new processes have been introduced which have created grouts that don’t mold or mildew.  The new grouts even have elasticity properties  that allow the grout seams to expand and contract during the curing phase instead of cracking.  The ability to expand and contract also helps a cheaply made tile to lay in a manner that it looks and behaves like one of it’s more expensive and better made relatives.  


English Home Improvements tile teams prefer to lay good tile but have installed poorly manufactured tile when that is all a home owner could find.  If you need ideas of where to look for tile contact us on line or at 615-746-0990.   There are a variety of tile materials to choose from including Porcelain and Ceramic.  There are tiles made right here in the good ol’ USA as well as tiles made around the world in places like Portugal and Italy.?


5 Things to think about when you are looking at tile are:


1)  Edge Style:  Do you want a standard straight edge, a wavy edge or a rectified edge? 

A rectified tile is one that has been manufactured to assure each and every tile is exactly the same size and shape.  This makes it possible to lay them with very little grout.  The edge that is created produces a modern, more exacting look than standard edge tiles. 


2) Shape:  Do you want a tile shape that is more common such as a square, a rectangular or a hexagon?  Or are you thinking about something a bit more unusual such as Moroccan Fish Scales, Diamonds, Penny Rounds, Bubbles or even Moroccan Crosses?


3)  Texture:  Choosing a textured finish can take a plain tile and bring it to life.  Texture choices are endless and include Botanicals and Woodgrains, Florals and Faunas, Fabric and Textiles, raked surfaces, surfaces that mimic stone, actual stone and more.


4) Colors:  There is a wide variety of timeless colors for every style as well as custom choices and modern influences.


5) Size:  Size matters and choices run from a tiny tile such as a Penny Round to a large format 12 x 24 or even a 24 x 24 tile that provides coverage with fewer grout lines 

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